Japanese construction machinery companies have a wide influence in the world
The upcoming Tokyo Olympics and earthquake recovery have resulted in an active business environment for the construction machinery industry

Although the performance of all construction machinery manufacturers fell during the global recession that started in 2008, the market has been gradually expanding due to the growing domestic demand stimulated by restoration construction of the Great East Japan Earthquake and business expansion in Europe, China, India and other Asian emerging countries. Particularly, Japanese construction machinery manufacturers have gained high global market share and developed business all over the world.

For example, Komatsu Ltd. in Japan with the largest domestic market share has the second largest world sales after Caterpillar Inc. in the USA, Toyota Industry Corporation in Japan has the largest world share of forklift products, Tadano Ltd. in Japan has the second largest world market share of cranes, and Kubota Corporation in Japan has the largest world share of compact construction machinery. In addition, Japanese construction machinery manufacturers with a great influence on high quality and technology considerably contribute to improving the technology and quality across the world construction machinery manufacturing industry. In recent years, unique and functional construction machinery such as construction machines utilizing environmentally friendly hybrid technology, remote controlling functions and unmanned operation systems has been developed ahead of all other companies in the world, which has resulted in increasing sales and revitalizing the whole industry. While undergoing implementation of the latest technology for global warming countermeasures and utilizing hybrid / electric technology, innovation will be similar to the automotive industry.

We have accumulated extensive experience in the construction machinery manufacturing industry. Many Mazak machines have been installed in Caterpillar Inc. which has the world’s largest market share in construction machinery, and Deere & Company in the USA and Komatsu Ltd. in Japan and many others. Mazak provides the construction machinery manufacturing industry not only advanced machine tools but also the latest applications’ expertise for machining a wide variety of components such as hydraulic parts, frame components, arm components and many others.

Construction machinery components

Horizontal machining center with quill designed for machining of large workpieces

Gear milling and skiving by multi-tasking machine

Process integration and simultaneous 4/5-axis machining by multi- tasking machine

Manufacturing processes and components