Steady growth ― medical equipment and prosthetic markets

In today’s ageing worldwide society, the demand for medical equipment which is used for disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment has been continuously increasing. The worldwide medical equipment sales in 2010 was approximately $280 billion (US) and it is expected to steadily grow at an annual rate of 6.0 % to around $470 billion (US) by 2019. Among a wide range of industries, the medical industry is the only one which is not affected by economic recession. As a result, many major companies that were not involved with medical equipment have entered the market in recent years.
Since not only in developed countries but also in emerging countries such as China, Russia and India, the percentage of the population over 65 years old is rapidly growing with the market expected to maintain a high level of growth. Regarding medical prosthetics (artificial joints / Osteosynthesis plates, etc.), the demand for artificial joint replacements will continue to increase worldwide because it is clear that the number of arthropathy patient will grow considerably due to muscle weakness by aging and obesity.

The materials of medical equipment, such as diagnostic and examination instruments which are used in the extremely clean environment of hospital operating rooms, are stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and special plastics. Medical prosthetics that are implanted into a patient’s body are made of cobalt or titanium alloys in order to prevent rejection by the patient. Machining of these types of materials requires highly advanced machining solutions and cutting expertise for higher efficiency machining.

By using our extensive accumulated experience in developing solutions for difficult to cut materials such as those found in the aerospace and energy industries, Yamazaki Mazak is working on high efficiency machining of difficult to cut materials used for medical equipment. We provide not only process integration but also unmanned operation system solutions for the medical industry by using our multi-tasking machines, 5-axis machining centers and other advanced machine tools.


Medical industry applications

Reference: Policy of medical equipment industry of the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
( written by the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)


Compact machine with automation for bar material machining

Compact multi-tasking machine with work handing system

5-axis machining center with unmanned operation system

Machine model